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Aleksandar Vučo

1897 Born into a merchant family, his youngest brother was Nikola Vučo.

1915 Joins the Serbian army as a volunteer in the retreat across Albania.

1916 Graduates from high school in Nice and studies law in Paris.

1920 Marries Julka Simeonović in Paris.

1921–1922 The birth of their sons Đorđe and Jovan, who were later photographed for the book Podvizi

družine “Pet petlica” (The Exploits of the “Five Cockerels” Gang).

1923 Contributes to the magazine Putevi (Roads) and then to Svedocanstva (Testimonies).

1926 His long poem Krov nad prozorom (The Roof Above the Window) comes out.

1928 Writes the novel Koren vida (The Root of Vision).

1929 Publishes the book Ako se jos jednom setim ili načelo (If I Remember Once Again or the Tenet).

1930 He is one of the founders of the Belgrade group of Surrealists and a signatory of the manifesto, and with

M. Ristić and D. Matić, also one of the editors of the almanac Nemoguće – L’impossible, where he publishes

poetry and a screenplay for the film Ljuskari na prsima (Crustaceans on the Chest).

1931–1932 Collaborates in the journal Nadrealizam danas i ovde (Surrealism Here and Now). Publishes

contributions in Politika under the pseudonym Askerland.

1932 Publishing of his poems Nemenikuće and Cirilo and Metodije (Cyril and Methodius). His book of poems

Humor zaspalo (Humor Asleep) comes out. With L. Vučo and R. Živanović Noe organizes an exhibition of

Surrealism at the Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion in Belgrade.

1933 Writes a book for children with D. Matić – The Exploits of the “Five Cockerels” Gang.

1935 With D. Matić publishes the long poem Marija Rucara.

1936–1940 Edits the magazine Nasa stvarnost (Our Reality).

1940 Publishes the novel Gluvo doba (In the Dead of Night) with D. Matić.

1941 Interned at the Banjica camp in Belgrade for a period of time.

1945–1954 Publishes the poems Titovi pioniri (Tito’s Pioneers), Mastodonti (The Mastodons), the novel

Raspust (The Vacation) and many other works.

1947–1960 Works as the director of the Jugoslavija film company, then also as the director of Zvezda Film and Avala Film.