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Branislav Branko Milovanović
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Sopot 1908 – Belgrade 1977

1926 Goes to school in Belgrade, acquires his high school diploma in Veliki Bečkerek (Zrenjanin).

1926 Enrols in the Department for Geology – Paleontology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

1929–1930 With S. Kušić edits 50 in Europe and contributes to The Literature and Art Exchange.

1930 A signatory of the Surrealist manifesto in the almanac Nemoguce – L’impossible.

1930 Graduates with distinction from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

1931 Elected assistant researcher at the Institute of Geology–Paleontology in Belgrade, this marking the

beginning of his successful scholarly career.

1933 Defends his doctoral thesis “Paleobiological and Biostratigraphic Problems of Mineral Deposits”

1935 Appointed assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and, in 1940, part–time professor.

Teaches a course on the paleontology of invertebrates and the stratigraphy of the Mesozoic.

1941–1942 Interned in camps in Germany.

1949 Pursues his professorial career at the Faculty of Mining, from 1951 the Faculty of Mining and Geology in

Belgrade. Publishes a large number of books and papers of exceptional scientific value. His research of a

strange, extinct shell group from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods earns him world–wide renown. He was a

member of the Viennese and French Geological Societies