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Risto Ratković
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Belgrade 1909 – Slatina on Mt. Kosmaj 1943

1909 Born into a military family, attends school in Belgrade.

1925–1926 Founds the magazines Okno (The Pane) and Stisavanja (Calming Down).

1928–1933 Studies at and graduates from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

1928–1929 With Dj. Kostic and O. Davico publishes the journal Tragovi (Trails).

1929 With Dj. Kostic and O. Davico publishes the journal Cetiri strane itd. (Four Sides Etc.).

1930 His name is among the signatories of the manifesto of the Surrealist group in the almanac Nemoguće – L’impossible, where his collages Autoportret (Self–portrait) and I oni ce odgovarati (They Too Will Answer), and the drawing Koren sudbine (The Root of Destiny) are published.

1931–1932 Owner and editor–in–chief of Surrealism Here and Now.

1933–1936 Imprisoned for three years in the Sremska Mitrovica jail for his revolutionary and Surrealist activities.

1936–1941 Collaborates, as a literary reviewer, in the following magazines Stozer (The Pivot), Our Reality, etc.

1941–1943 Fights in the war on the side of the partisans and is killed. His novel Plati pa nosi (Cash and Carry) (1948) and a series of reviews and essays Protiv obmana (Against Deceptions), Realizam kao umetnička istina (Realism as Artistic Truth) and Studije i kritike (Studies and Reviews) are published posthumously.