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Dušan Duda Timotijević
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Belgrade 1903–1967

1922 With M. Dedinac and M. Ristić edits Roads, the Belgrade journal for art, literature and philosophy.

Contributes to the Belgrade Novi list (New Paper) and also to the weekly Pokret (The Movement).

1932–1941 Permanent contributor and special correspondent for Politika from different countries. His most

noteworthy reports were from Ethiopia and Germany. Starts the Politikin zabavnik (weekly) and writes film


1941–1945 A prisoner of war in German camps, where he edits and issues, underground, the bulletin Logorske

vesti (Camp News).

1945–1959 Contributes, besides Politika, to many other papers and magazines. Works as editor–in–chief of

Glas, Borba and Međunarodna politika. Teaches the history of film at the Higher Film School in Belgrade.

1959–1967 As an eminent journalist, appointed to the post of first director of the Yugoslav Institute for

Journalism. Elected president of the Association of Journalists of Serbia and of the Federation of Journalists of

Yugoslavia. Worked as a professor in the Yugoslav Institute for Journalism.

1967 Receives the “Moša Pijade” award for journalism.