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Dušan Matić
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Ćuprija 1898 – Belgrade 1980

1898 Born into a middle class family, takes part in the retreat across Albania as a young man.

1916 Continues his education in Grenoble and Nice, like many other children and young men from occupied

Serbia. Contributes to Radnicke novine (Workers’ Paper).

1917–1921 Studies at the Faculty of Philology in Paris.

1922 Graduates philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Contributes to the avant–garde reviews

Zenit (Zenith) and Roads.

1924–1937 Teaches philosophy in high school.

1925 Meets A. Breton in Paris. Contributes to Testimonies.

1930 A signatory of the manifesto and one of the founders and editors of the almanac Nemoguće – L’impossible, where his photocollage Mutan lov u bistroj vodi (Murky Fishing in Clear Waters) is published.

1931–1932 Contributes to Surrealism Here and Now, the fine arts contributions including his collage Ja sam

nize no pesak ove noci (I am Lower Than the Sand Tonight).

1931 With O. Davičo and Đ. Kostić writes the book The Position of Surrealism in the Social Process.

1933 His long poem La peche trouble dans L’eau comes out in Le surréalisme au service de la révolution (No.

6, 31–32). With A. Vučo publishes photomontages and the foreword to the book for children The Exploits of

the “Five Cockerels” Gang.

1935 With A. Vučo publishes the long poem Marija Rucara.

1937 Sent into retirement after two political arrests without convictions.

1940 With A. Vučo publishes the novel In the Dead of the Night.

1941 Spends some time in the Banjica camp in Belgrade.

1945–1948 Works on the editorial board of the Prosveta publishing house and in Radio Belgrade.

1948–1967 Works as a professor at the Theater, Film, Radio and Television Academy in Belgrade.

1954 Publication of Bagdala, a book of poems.

1959 Publishes a book of poetry – Bušenje materije (The Awakening of Matter).

1962 Publishes a new book of poetry, Laža i paralaž a (Liar and Arch–liar).

1965 Becomes a corresponding member of the SANU and is elected a regular member in 1972.

1966 Compiles his earlier published works in the book Izbor tekstvoa (Selected Texts).

1967 Publishes Knjiga rituala (The Book of Rituals).

1977 Publishes a book of recollections Proslost dugo traje (The Past Lasts a Long Time). He wrote a large number of essays, philosophical treatises, reviews and radio program scripts.