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Konstantin Koča Popović
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Belgrade 1908 – 1992

1908 Born into a wealthy merchant family. Spends the war years in Switzerland where he goes to school.

1929–1932 Studies law, graduates philosophy in Paris. Knew the artists from Breton’s circle and maintained contacts between the Belgrade and French groups of Surrealists.

1929 With Vane Bor, Robert Desnos and other artists assembled around the Parisian journal Revue Du Cinéma (No. 3), signs the protest A Man of Taste.Writes film reviews for the Paris Le Soir. Contributes to the Belgrade magazine 50 in Europe.

1930 One of the members of the group of Belgrade Surrealists and one of the signatories of the manifesto.

1931With M. Ristic publishes the book Nacrt za jednu fenomenologiju iracionalnog (Outline for a Phenomenology of the Irrational).

1931–1932 Contributes to Surrealism Here and Now.

1932 Spends some time at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt.

1933 Arrested on account of his revolutionary ideas and activities and sent to prison in Sremska Mitrovica.

1937 As a member of the International Brigades joins in the fighting in Spain.

1939 Spends some time in camps in France, together with other Spanish war veterans.

1939 With Z. Richtman prepares the publication of Einstein’s book On the Special and General Theory of Relativity.

1941 Appointed commander of the 1st Proletarian Partisan Brigade.

1944–1953 As a national hero appointed Chief of General Staff of the Yugoslav People’s Army.

1953–1966 Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia.

1966 Appointed Vice–President of Yugoslavia.

1967 Becomes a member of the Presidency of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia.

1972 Retires from political and public life because of a conflict with Josip Broz Tito.