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Milan Dedinac
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Kragujevac 1902 – Opatija 1966

1902 Born into a middle–class family.

1915 Evacuated with other Serbian children to France after retreating from Serbia with the army.

1916–1918 Attends high school in Villefranche and Cannes.

1921 Finishes high school in Belgrade, and then spends a short period in Paris.

1922 With M. Ristic and D. Timotijevic edits the journal Roads. Publishes poetry in the Hypnos magazine.

1924–1925 He is on the editorial board of Testimonies together with R. Petrovic, D. Matic and M. Ristic.

1926 Publishing of his long poem Javna ptica (The Public Bird) with photomontages.

1927 Graduates from the French Language Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

1929–1930 Works as a correspondent for the Politika daily from Paris.

1930 Supports the Surrealist manifesto published in the almanac, where his poems Plamen bez smisla (The Meaningless Flame) and Otvoreno pismo (The Open Letter) are published.

1931–1941 Works as editor and later editor–in –chief of Politika.

1937 His book of poems Jedan covek na prozoru (A Man at the Window) comes out.

1941–1943 Held in German POW camps.

1947 His book of poetry Pesme iz dnevnika zarobljenika br. 60211 (Poems from the Diary of Prisoner No. 60211) comes out.

1948–1953 Artistic director of the Yugoslav Drama Theater.

1953–1955 Appointed culture attaché in the Yugoslav embassy in Paris.

1956–1966 Director of the Yugoslav Drama Theater in Belgrade.

1957 Publishes the book Od nemila do nedraga (From Pillar to Post).

1965 M. Ristic writes the foreword to his book Poziv na putovanje (Let’s Go Traveling).