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Nikola Vučo
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Belgrade 1902-1993.

1902 The fourth son born into the merchant family of Đorđe and Ifigenija (Aleksandar, Milan and Stevan preceding him).

1915–1918 During the war attends school in Marseilles, Nice, Cannes and Paris together with other Serbian children who found refuge in France.

1919 Returns to Belgrade where he finishes high school.

1920 His half brother, Mihailo Vuco, leaves him a photographic camera.

1921–1925 Studies law, economics and sociology in Paris, takes private piano lessons. Meets the French Surrealists and is especially close to Philippe Soupault.

1925–1927 Having completed his studies, he remains in Paris for a while and makes his first photographs there. Travels to Spain with his brother Milan.

1928 Opens a law firm in Belgrade.

1929 Marries Jelka Nikolić, who modeled for a series of his photographs. A daughter, Ljubica, is born to them.

1930 Intensively collaborates with M. Ristic and publishes the photographs: Zadržano bekstvo nadstvarnosti (The Arrested Flight of Surreality), Zlatan presek obmane (The Golden Section of Deception), Zid agnosticizma (The Wall of Agnosticism), Mi nemamo koga da ubeđujemo (We Need Not Convince Anyone) and several untitled ones in the almanac Nemoguće – L’impossible, although not officially a member of the group or a signatory of the manifesto.

1941–1945 Held as a prisoner of war in German POW camps.

1947 Elected professor of the history of economics at the just founded Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Publishes a number of important books and scientific papers in that field.

1948 Marries Zorana Ivanic and a daughter, Gordana (Beka) is born to them.

1988 Donates a collection of negatives of photographs taken in Paris and Belgrade between 1926 and 1930 to the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

1990 His photographs are exhibited for the first time at the international exhibition Recontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles and in the Museum moderner Kunst in Vienna.

1991 Attends his first exhibition of photographs at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

2002 During the preparation of the exhibition The Impossible, 1926–1936 Surrealist Art at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, his original Surrealist photographs from to 1929–30 were found. After the exhibition closed they were added to the collection of negatives, a donation to the Museum from Mrs. Jelena Jovanovic, art historian and a relative of Marko Ristic.