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Oskar Davičo
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Šabac 1909 – Belgrade 1989

1909 Born into a merchant family.

1926 – 1928 Begins studies in Belgrade and continues studies of Romance languages in Paris. His works are published in the magazine Zivot i rad (Life and Work).

1929 With Đ. Kostić, Đ. Jovanović and D. Matić assembles the Belgrade group of Surrealists. Publishes Anatomija (Anatomy), a book of poetic prose in collaboration with Đ. Kostić and Đ. Jovanović.

1930 As a member of the Surrealist group signs the manifesto in the almanac Nemoguće – L’impossible, where one of his drawings is also published (p. 28). Graduates from the French Language Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Publishes a collection of texts under the title Anatomy.

1931 Gets a position as a French language teacher in Bihać.

1932 Is arrested in Bihać as the secretary of the local committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia.

1932–1937 Imprisoned in the Sremska Mitrovica jail.

1938–1940 Contributes to the journals Our Reality and Pecat (The Stamp).

1938 Publication of his collection of poetry Pesme (Poèms).

1941 Arrested in Split as a partisan and detained in the concentration camp on the island of Korčula.

1943 Escapes from prison and joins the partisans.

1949–1982 Publishes a number of books of poetry: Zrenjanin (1949), Višnja za zidom (The Sour Cherry Tree Behind the Wall) (1950), Hana (1951), Čovekov čovek (A Man’s Man) (1953), Nastanjene oči (The Inhabited Eyes) (1954), Flora (1955), Kairos (1959), Snimci (Photographs) (1963), Trg eM (M Square) (1968), Pročitani jezik (The Read Language) (1972), Trema Smrti (The Death Fright) (1982) and many others.

1955 One of the founders and editors of the Delo (Deed) magazine.

1981 His book of recollections Pod–sećanja (Sub–memories) (Sarajevo), in which he writes about the Surrealist revolution, among other things, is published