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Radojica Živanović Noe
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Belgrade 1903 – 1944

1903 Born out of wedlock to a washerwoman. “Within the circle of the Belgrade Surrealists rumor had it that he was to have played the role of heir to the throne, the pretended new–born royal son of Draga and Aleksandar Obrenovic”. M. B. Protic, Srpsko slikarstvo XX veka (20th Century Serbian Painting), Belgrade 1970, 300.

1920–1929 Finishes Commercial College, his education having been interrupted by the war. Attends the State Art School in Belgrade for three years.

1930 He is one of the thirteen signatories of the manifesto in the almanac The Impossible, where a series of his drawings is published: Samoubica ili sanjar (Suicide or Dreamer), Puls (The Pulse), Početak istog mesta (The Beginning of the Same Place), 11 x 11 h ili očajanje jedne noći (11 x 11 h or the Despair of a Night), as well as the photocollage Spava zlatna strast (The Golden Passion Sleeps).

1931–1932 Regularly contributes to Surrealism Here and Now and most of his works are published in it: Uspomena (The Memento), Drvo očiju (The Eye Tree) and others.

1932 Exhibits a cycle of Surrealist pictures in the Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion in Belgrade.

1934 With M. Kujacic, Dj. Andrejevic Kun, Dj. Teodorovic and other artists founds the group Život (Life).

1935–1937 Regularly writes art reviews for Politika and occasionally publishes contributions in Our Reality.

1936–1940 Exhibits at group art exhibitions.

1944 Spends the war years on the outskirts of Belgrade. “When he heard that the partisans and Russian tanks had broken their way into the street, he rushed out of a shelter near Bajloni’s market to fight the Germans. Cut off from his unit, found armed by another one, he reportedly refused to disarm and this tragic misunderstanding cost him his life”. M. B. Protic, op. cit.