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Rastko Petrović
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Belgrade 1898 – Washington 1949

1898 Born into a renowned family. The painter Nadežda Petrović was one of his sisters.

1915 Takes part in the retreat across Albania with his family and the army.

1916 Arrives in France with many other young Serbs and continues his education there.

1919 Studies law, literature and art history in Paris.

1920 Becomes acquainted with Parisian avant–garde artistic and literary circles, including the future Surrealists. Writes his first book Burleska gospodina Peruna (The Burlesque of Mr. Perun).

1922 Having graduated from law school in Paris he returns to Belgrade where he publishes his book Otkrovenje (The Revelation).

1924–1925 Edits and contributes to Testimonies with M. Ristić, A. Vučo, D. Matić and M. Dedinac. In the last volume Raj (Paradise), publishes an original drawing by Pablo Picasso, which the painter had sent him from Paris. Writes essays and reviews.

1926 Goes to Rome in a diplomatic capacity, but continues contributing to Belgrade magazines.

1928 Travels in Africa for several months, and makes a series of photographs and drawings there. Upon returning publishes Afrika (Africa), a travelogue (1930).

1931 In the foreword to the book Ljudi govore (People Speak), he writes “I jotted down the first words that came to mind in a bistro that very moment, on a piece of paper bought at the tobacconist’s across the street.”

1935–1949 Settles in America working for the diplomatic service until 1945.