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Bijelo Polje 1903 – Belgrade 1954

1903 Born into a merchant family.

1923 Graduates from high school in Novi Pazar.

1923 Studies irregularly at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, spending most of his time with avant–garde poets. Publishes his first poems in the magazines Nova pesnička smotra (New Poetic Review), Umetnost (Art).

1925 With B. Jovanovic starts the paper Bela revija (White Review), and the almanac Casa vode (A Glass of Water) with D. Blagojevic and P. Starcevic.

1926 With Monny de Boully founds and edits the magazine Eternity.

1927 His first book of poems Mrtve rukavice (The Dead Gloves) comes out. Contributes to the “workers’ art almanac” Novi istok (The New East).

1928–1931 Works in the Ministry of Education and then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade.

1929 Contributes to numerous journals, publishing social prose and poetry.

1932 Receives the award of the Serbian Literary Herald for the best story published in that journal – Zlatan Osmeh nad Sandžakom (A Golden Smile Above Sanjak).

1936 Graduates from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Contributes to the magazine Our Reality under the pen name Vukadin Trpković.

1938–1945 Works as a diplomat in France, the USSR and Egypt.

1945 Upon returning to Belgrade writes essays and translates.

1952 Publishes the book of poems Dodiri (Contacts).