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Salmon Monny de Boully
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Belgrade 1904 – Paris 1968

1904 Born into one of the oldest and wealthiest Jewish families in Belgrade. Wrote about himself: “Spent his childhood daydreaming, his boyhood reading. In 18 years visited Vienna 18 times and extensively traveled through Europe, except for Russia ...”, Autobiography, Večnost (Eternity), 1926, No. 4, 1.

1919 Visits Berlin where he got acquainted with avant–garde literature.

1923 Publishes the almanac Crno na belo (In Black and White) with D. Matić, B. Tokin, D. Aleksić, R. Drainac and other representatives of the Serbian avant–garde contributing. Publishes poems in the magazines Hipnos (Hypnos) and Venturaementes (The Coming Spirits), Šabac – only one issue of which was published. Publishing of his long poem Iksion (Ixion).

1925 Stays in Paris where he meets Breton, Eluard and other members of the Surrealist group. On that occasion the translation of the picture novel Vampir (The Vampire) and a text he wrote were published in the journal La Révolution surréaliste.

1926 With Risto Ratković starts the magazine Eternity, five issues of which were published. D. Aleksić, D. Blagojević and others were among its contributors. Publishes the book Krilato Zlato (Winged Gold) and with R. Drainac Dve avanturističke poeme (Two Adventurist Poems) and Iskrcavanje na Javi (Disembarkment at Java).

1927 His last book in the Serbian language, Antena smrti (The Antenna of Death) comes out. With R. Ratković writes Leviatan (The Leviathan), a book of poems. Contributes to the almanac Novi Istok (The New East).

1928 Graduates from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade and leaves for Paris to do his doctoral thesis there.

1929 In Paris, in collaboration with A. Adamov, K. Sernet, J. Carrive and D. de Majo, starts the journal Discontinuité, only one issue of which was published.

1929–1930 He was a member of the Parisian group Le Grand Jeu (The Big Game). Publishes his poems in the magazine bearing the same name and in other Parisian reviews as well: Variété, Cahiers de L’Étoile.

1932 Moves to Paris, but lives for a time in The Hague with his wife Paulette, the mother of the authors Jacques and Claude Lauzmann and the actress Eveline Ray.

1941 His parents die in a Nazi camp and he starts working as a book salesman.

1952 Opens an antique shop at the flea market in Paris.

1968 Dies in a taxi in Paris, and his book of poems and recollections Zlatne bube (The Golden Beetles) is published in Belgrade, three days after his death.

1991 Monny de Boully’s book, Au–delà de la mémoire, Poémes, textes, critique, correspondance, Édition H. J. Maxwell: Préface de Paulette de Boullyc Paris, is published posthumously.