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Ševa Ristić -Jelica Živadinović
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Belgrade 1906 – 1995

1906 Born into the family of the eminent doctor Dragutin and Desanka Zivadinovic. She had two brothers, Vuk and Stevan Vane Bor.

1912–1924 Attends school in Belgrade and Nice. After a short stay in Zagreb moves to Vrnjačka Banja with her family, where her father had a sanatorium.

1926 Marries Marko Ristić in the medieval monastery of Ljubostinja, on 10 October.

1926–1927 After the wedding the young couple went to Italy, to Verona, to pay homage to the memory of the great love of Romeo and Juliet. By the beginning of November (1926), they had arrived in Paris. With her husband and brother she participated in the discussions and gatherings of the French Surrealists. She and Marko Ristic bought Max Ernst’s painting The Owl (Bird in a Cage) with money they had been given as a wedding present.

1928 Gives birth to a daughter – Mara (1928 – 1996).

1929–1936 Takes part in numerous collective activities of the Surrealist group and tirelessly helps Marko Ristic with his correspondence with the French Surrealists. Makes several collages and interventions on photographs.

1939 Travels to Italy with Marko Ristic.

1941–1944 Lives in Vrnjačka Banja.

1945–1951 Helps Marko Ristic in his position as Yugoslav ambassador in Paris.

1984 After Marko Ristic’s death, works on publishing his extensive manuscript Oko nadrealizma (The Eye of Surrealism).

1993 The Legacy of Marko Ristic – the artistic experiments of the group of Belgrade Surrealists (1926–1939) – is donated to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade by Marko, Seva and Mara Ristic.