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Stevan Živadinović – Vane Bor
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Bor 1908 – Oxford 1993

1908 Born in Bor, a mining town in Serbia, where his family lived for a short period of time. He took the name of his birthplace as part of his pseudonym, while Vane is short for Stevan. He was the third, youngest child. His sister Ševa married Marko Ristić.

1914–1924 Continues his education in France with other pupils from Serbia, and from there returns to Zagreb where his family was living at the time.

1925 Publishes his first work in the magazine Testimonies and finishes secondary school in Belgrade.

1926 Makes his first photographs in Vrnjačka Banja.

1927 Enrolls in Law School in Paris, and spends most of his time with the French Surrealists.

1928 Inspired by Max Ernst’s paintings, starts experimenting with “crumpled paper” and “wrinkled pictures” techniques, of which the canvas Kugla sa algama na prividnom horizontu (The Ball with Algae on the Apparent Horizon) has been preserved.

1928–1929 Makes a series of photograms with M. Ristić, of which some were published in the almanac Nemoguće–L’impossible (1930).

1929 With Koča Popović, Robert Desnos and other artists assembled around the Parisian journal Revue Du Cinéma (No. 3), signs the protest Čovek od ukusa (A Man of Taste) against the film distributor who shortened the film version of the series The Mysteries of New York. With M. Ristić makes a book of collages and texts entitled M’Vraua, in a single copy, which was lost.

1930 He is one of the signatories of the Surrealist manifesto and contributes to the Nemoguće – L’impossible, which in addition to photograms publishes his collages and pictures Na tržištu nemih pesama (On the Market of Silent Poems), and Edip u prostoru (Oedipus in Space), which were later lost.

1930 Jean–Paul Dreyfus dedicates his review of a Fritz Lang film to him in the Parisian journal Revue Du Cinéma.

1931–1932 Contributes to Surrealism Here and Now.

1932 With M. Ristić publishes the book Anti–zid (Anti–Wall).

1933 Writes a personal letter to Salvador Dali from Belgrade (31 December 1932) published in the Parisian journal Le surréalisme au service de la révolution (No. 6, 46–47).

1934 Writes on film and psychoanalysis in the Belgrade journal Danas (Today).

1936 As a member of the Film Cultural Cooperative in Zemun makes a documentary film about Belgrade. Writes film reviews for Politika.

1938–1941 As a Ph.D. holder he is appointed assistant professor of the Law Faculty in Subotica.

1944 Has to leave Yugoslavia undercover and settles in London. Makes a series of collages.

1964–1965 Makes a cycle of Surrealist pictures experimenting with unconventional materials.

1966 Becomes a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors Association in London.

1973 Moves to Oxford and contributes to the True Thomas, Orbis and Argo journals, under the pseudonym Stevan Živadin.

1984 Becomes a life member of the Oxford University Geological Society and a member of the University Anthropological Society.

1986 Deposits four crates of archival material – books, photographs, documents, letters and similar in a London storehouse, two of which were mislaid and lost.

1990 After his first one–man retrospective show donates his works to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.