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The exhibition: I see for it is Night, Toyen(Marie Čermínová)

Prague, Museum Kampa, the exhibition is on view until January 3 , 2016.


Museum Kampa presented, on september 5th , the exhibition I see for it is Night of Czech surrealist Marie Čermínová better known under the name Toyen. For this exibition paintings were carefully selected from many significant state and private Czech and Parisian collections.

 The viewer will have the opportunity to see Toyen’s artworks from early surrealist period but also works created during the Second World War and works from the late sixties. Key artworks from the pre-war period will be presented- paintings Foundering in a Dream, Man of Glue and probably most famous and one of the most frequently reproduced paintings of Czech modern art- painting Dream. The exhibition will also include paintings Toyen created during Nazi occupation as the paintings created after she left France. Painting Midday-Midnight , which was specially admired by the Parisian surrealists of that time is also included as a highlight of her final creative years.

The author of monograph and the exhibition is PhDr Karel Srp.

The exhibition is on view until January 3 , 2016.