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The exhibition: The Language of Dreams

Kork, Crawford Gallery, the exhibition is open until February 6 2016

Brian Boydell, Limestone Composition (Kompozicija od krečnjaka), 1944.
Image courtesy of the Boydell family

The exhibition The Language of Dreams, opened on October 2nd 2015  at the Crawford Gallery, will explore the influence of surrealism on Irish and British art. Importance of dreams and unconcious the exhibition will present from the influences of early simbolism to Jungian and Freudian theory.

Early paintings by Brian Boydell and Thurloe Conolly will be a highlight of the exhibition. Great influence of the White Stag group on the Irish and British art will be shown through the work of Colin Middleton, Hilda Roberts, Nevill Johnson, Patrick Hennessy and others.

The exhibition is open until february 6 2016.