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The exhibition: The Secret World of Marcel Jean

New York, Elkon Gallery, the exhibition is on view until December 23, 2015.


Marcel Jean, Le Pare-Brise,1980.

Marcel Jean (1900-1994) joined surrealist group in Paris in 1932 . During the Second World War, he lived and worked in Budapest- until his return to Paris in 1944 where he stayed till the end of his life. Jean exhibited in all of the major International Surrealism exhibitions - Brussels, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo…

Besides painting and making surrealist objects, Jean was also a skilled writer- considered  by many, one of the most important stydies of Surrealism is his The History of Surrealist Painting, published in Paris in 1959.

The exhibition will show to series of Jean’s paintings. First seria was created in late seventies an early eighties in watercolor and guash technique. Second seria is from the early seventies and contains  smaller mixed media paintings made in artist’s self-invented technique- flottage.

The exhibition is on view from November 7th through December 23rd , 2015.